Campaign description

Campaign description

Ground measurements

Ground data acquired during the field campaign

Surface reflectance measured in 2151 spectral bands [0.35-2.5 µm] using ASD spectroradiometers.

In data catalogue: Spectrum with associated pictures + atmospheric bands mask

Land surface temperature and emissivity retrieved from thermal infrared radiance acquired in 6 spectral bands using CIMEL 312-2 radiometers.

In data catalogue: Land surface emissivities and temperature by sample with associated pictures + instruments spectral responses files

Meteorological data consisting in 4 radiosoundings performed at ONERA-Fauga Mauzac or at MeteoFrance-Toulouse during the flights along with Blagnac meteo station data.

In data catalogue: Radiosounding measurements + hourly data from MétéoFrance radome meteorological station

Surface reflectance measured in 6 spectral bands (shortwave to thermal infrared) and for two observation angles with a SOC410-DHR handheld reflectometer.

In data catalogue: Reflectance with associated pictures

Air temperature and humidity acquired using instrumented cars following two different itineraries.

In data catalogue: Air temperature and humidity + itineraries files

Air temperature and humidity data acquired by the ground network of meteorological stations of Toulouse Métropole is available here.

This data has been checked, formatted and documented to be as easy to use as possible. However, if you encounter any problems using it, please contact us.

Airborne measurements

Data acquired on 15th of June 2021 around 11am UTC, with three cameras onboard the Safire ATR42 aircraft

Hyperspectral visible to shortwave infrared imagery with a AISA FENIX 1K camera (spectral range 0.38 to 2.5 µm, 420 spectral bands, Ground Sampling Distance 1 m).

In data catalogue: Orthorectified images in reflectance at surface level

Multispectral thermal infrared imagery using a Telops filter wheel camera with 5 spectral bands (Ground Sampling Distance 1.95 m).

In data catalogue: Georeferenced images in radiance and brightness temperature at sensor level + land surface temperature map

3D point cloud from high resolved 3D-LiDAR (RIEGL VQ-1560i, point density around 100 points/m²) colocated with 2 cameras (RGB and Near-Infrared).

In data catalogue: Georeferenced 3D point cloud associated to reflectance values and other additional data

This data has been checked, formatted and documented to be as easy to use as possible. However, if you encounter any problems using it, please contact us.

More information are provided in the associated data paper:

L. Roupioz, X. Briottet, K. Adeline, A. Al Bitar, D. Barbon-Dubosc, R. Barda-Chatain, P. Barillot, S. Bridier, E. Carroll, C. Cassante, A. Cerbelaud, P. Déliot, P. Doublet, P.E. Dupouy, S. Gadal, S. Guernouti, A. De Guilhem De Lataillade, A. Lemonsu, R. Llorens, R. Luhahe, A. Michel, A. Moussous, M. Musy, F. Nerry, L. Poutier, A. Rodler, N. Riviere, T. Riviere, J.L. Roujean, A. Roy, A. Schilling, D. Skokovic, J. Sobrino. Multi-source datasets acquired over Toulouse (France) in 2021 for urban microclimate studies during the CAMCATT/AI4GEO field campaign, Data in Brief, 2023.