A multisensor experiment over Toulouse to validate TRISHNA urban products

CAMCATT database

The CAMCATT (CAmpagne MultiCApteurs sur Toulouse pour préparer la mission TRISHNA) field campaign took place from 14 to 25 June 2021 in Toulouse with the objective of acquiring a new reference dataset on an urban site to support the development and validation of identified data products for the future TRISHNA mission as well its Cal/Val activities. It encompasses airborne and ground acquisitions.

This data has been checked, formatted and documented to be as easy to use as possible. However, if you encounter any problems using it, please contact us.

Anyway, feel free to send us your feedbacks!

The ground acquisitions were funded by CNES (APR-CNES CAMCATT) and the airborne acquisitions were funded jointly by BPI (AI4GEO) and CNES (APR-CNES CAMCATT) .

More information provided in the associated data paper:

L. Roupioz, X. Briottet, K. Adeline, A. Al Bitar, D. Barbon-Dubosc, R. Barda-Chatain, P. Barillot, S. Bridier, E. Carroll, C. Cassante, A. Cerbelaud, P. Déliot, P. Doublet, P.E. Dupouy, S. Gadal, S. Guernouti, A. De Guilhem De Lataillade, A. Lemonsu, R. Llorens, R. Luhahe, A. Michel, A. Moussous, M. Musy, F. Nerry, L. Poutier, A. Rodler, N. Riviere, T. Riviere, J.L. Roujean, A. Roy, A. Schilling, D. Skokovic, J. Sobrino. Multi-source datasets acquired over Toulouse (France) in 2021 for urban microclimate studies during the CAMCATT/AI4GEO field campaign, Data in Brief, 2023.